ELCA White Lutheran Association for Racial Justice Facebook page and website.

White Lutheran Association for Racial Justice (or White Lutherans for Racial Justice) is one of the six ethnic associations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. White Lutherans for Racial Justice is committed to overcoming white privilege and dismantling racism in church and society. It seeks partners in giving witness to an anti-racist society and church.

We pray: Guide us to recognize our prejudices and empower us take action to eliminate the persistent institutional racism that permeates our world, country, communities, courts, church, and hearts. Help your church to be an open and welcoming place for all. Amen!

The Strategic Team for Authentic Diversity (STAD) is a coalition of rostered leaders and those preparing for rostered leadership in our synod working towards authentic diversity in our synod through resourcing rostered leaders with education and resources that enable us to dismantle white supremacy in ourselves, our congregations and the wider church. Noticing an increased desire for antiracist education in the synod, we gather to provide resources for people working for change. Our name comes from the Strategy for Authentic Diversity, which was approved at Churchwide Assembly 2019, and our goals and work are intertwined with the goals of the strategy.

Based on feedback received thus far, we are planning to shift our educational offerings from monthly Zoom meetings to retreats and workshops offered both online and in-person throughout the year. We have also been asked by the Synod Council to help develop a plan for synod-wide rostered leader anti-racism training opportunities. As we make these changes, we continue to encourage your participation and feedback. Team members are available for individual consultation and conversation as well. We hope this team can continue to be a resource for you in your own goals for bringing about the Beloved Community. 
Covenanted Partners (to-date): Darla DeFrance, Lara Forbes, Chelsea Globe, Kacey Hahn, Ivar Hillesland, Tim Oleson, Priscilla Paris-Austin, Jana Schofield. Reach out to the team by email.
Here are downloadable resources curated by the team:
Intercultural Development Inventory
The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a means for people and organizations to be assessed on their intercultural competency and how they navigate difference. Individuals who take the IDI receive a personalized report, an individual debrief, and a developmental plan. If you or your church are interested in participating or receiving more information you may contact Pastor Ivar Hillesland. Read about the IDI at idiinventory.com.  Here is a recording of a presentation shared with rostered leaders in our synod using this resource.
ELCA Antiracism Pledge - Learn more & sign the pledge.