Introducing "Cultivate"

 A Movement to Nurture Organic Faith Communities in Northwest Washington 

Wild Church  |  Pub Church  |   Dinner Church  |  Bowling Church  |  Dog Park Church

  Creative Church  |  Potluck Church  |  Lazy Church  |  Gardening Church  |  Kayak Church

Do you have an idea for a new ministry experiment?
Would you like to see something new in your congregation or community?   



“Cultivate” is encouraging the Church to try something new: experiments in cultivating organic faith communities, new worship experiences, experimental evangelism, raising up a new crop of leaders from within contexts, and preparing the soil in places new growth could occur.  

“Fresh Expressions” is a movement that makes space for lay leaders, deacons, and pastors to use both traditional as well as innovative forms of church to live out Christ’s mission. One does not replace the other, but rather creates a mutual benefit for both—a “mixed ecology of church.” 

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Cultivate Team
  • Rev. Jane Prestbye
  • Deacon Dianne Johnson
  • Rev. Cara Tanis
  • Rev. Cindy Myatt
  • Rev. Emma Donohew
  • Rev. Erik Samuelson

Hallmarks of Organic Faith Communities

Outward Focused
  • for those outside the congregation’s walls
Emerge from Authentic Relationships
  • listen to friends, coworkers and neighbors who express a desire for a faith gathering
Gatherings Incorporate Faith Practices
  • such as prayer, faith conversations, engaging with Scripture and worship
Can be Lay or Rostered Leader lead
  • perhaps primarily lay as they have so many more relationships beyond the congregation!
Accompanied by a Congregation and Pastor/Mentor
  • faithful support, prayers, mutual sharing of stories and learning
  • Mixed Ecology Video
  • Books - coming soon
  • Sample Cultivator and Greenhouse Congregation Covenant  - coming soon