LiVE for the sake of the world
  • A networked lay learning community to discern and deepen callings - personally and congregationally.
  • Theologically thoughtful, culturally responsive, and communally engaged.
  • Connecting churches & forming Christian public leaders.
  • Flexible, hybrid model of learning.
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We give thanks for our partner collaboration with Trinity Education Foundation who, through a generous grant, is helping us to reach and make accessible these learning opportunities to more and more communities of faith. This gift helps us to further expand on the great offerings that we can make available.

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LiVE cultural values
These name the culture we believe the Spirit is calling us to nurture in this project   
  • Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led: Vocational identity begins in the leadership of the Spirit’s calling through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any exploration, and deepening of call, personal or congregation, begins with this commitment. 
  • Companioning the Conversation: We recognize that LiVE participants are exploring their own experiences, context, and questions. Coaches and facilitators will accompany you as you listen for where God is calling you.
  • Communities of Practice through Collaborative Engagement: LiVE is a shared journey with other participants, in various contexts, and curiosities, who will explore their callings in a variety of action-reflection learning opportunities.
  • Creative Spaces/Creative Abrasion: LiVE involves opening up spaces of curiosity, hospitality and vulnerability through a willingness to test out and challenge ideas in a holding environment that welcomes courageous and critical conversations.