LiVE for the sake of the world
  • A networked lay learning community to discern and deepen callings - personally and congregationally.
  • Theologically thoughtful, culturally responsive, and communally engaged.
  • Connecting churches & forming Christian public leaders.
  • Flexible, hybrid model of learning.
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LiVE cultural values
These name the culture we believe the Spirit is calling us to nurture in this project   
  • Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led: Vocational identity begins in the leadership of the Spirit’s calling through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any exploration, and deepening of call, personal or congregation, begins with this commitment. 
  • Companioning the Conversation: We recognize that LiVE participants are exploring their own experiences, context, and questions. Coaches and facilitators will accompany you as you listen for where God is calling you.
  • Communities of Practice through Collaborative Engagement: LiVE is a shared journey with other participants, in various contexts, and curiosities, who will explore their callings in a variety of action-reflection learning opportunities.
  • Creative Spaces/Creative Abrasion: LiVE involves opening up spaces of curiosity, hospitality and vulnerability through a willingness to test out and challenge ideas in a holding environment that welcomes courageous and critical conversations.