ELCA White Lutheran Association for Racial Justice 

White Lutheran Association for Racial Justice (or White Lutherans for Racial Justice) is one of the six ethnic associations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. White Lutherans for Racial Justice is committed to overcoming white privilege and dismantling racism in church and society. It seeks partners in giving witness to an anti-racist society and church.

We pray: Guide us to recognize our prejudices and empower us take action to eliminate the persistent institutional racism that permeates our world, country, communities, courts, church, and hearts. Help your church to be an open and welcoming place for all. Amen!

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Want to take action today?

The White Lutheran Association for Racial Justice asks for your help in raising $10,000 to support the ELCA's Multicultural Youth Leadership Event. ELCA MYLE is the largest gathering of ELCA BIPOC leaders--nearly 700! Please join us to support the this important event with a donation today - here: ELCA Multicultural Youth Leadership Appeal