Our Synod Assembly will be held on Saturday, May 15, 2021 - ONLINE!
We look forward to:
  • worshiping together
  • hearing reports
  • voting on our budget
  • electing leaders to various positions
  • voting on constitutional changes
  • celebrating ministry milestones of our rostered ministers & congregations
  • learning about ministry partners & synod committees
  • announcing our 2021 Grace Grant recipients
  • and a few fun surprises!
Registration closed on March 31

Getting Ready!

  • Each Friday Voting members will receive an email with updates and info to prepare 
  • Read the April 5th Welcome Letter sent to all Voting Members HERE.
  • Read the Friday, April 9th Voting Member Email HERE.

These Rules help us do our business:

  • Proposed Standing Rules for our assembly HERE
  • Synopsis of Robert's Rules HERE
Constitutional Changes
Read this letter from our Synod Vice President, Kay Edgerton, regarding the constitutional and bylaw changes the synod council is bringing forward for consideration. (According to our synod constitution, the Synod Council may propose an amendment, with notice to be sent to the congregations of this synod at least six months prior to the next regular meeting of the Synod Assembly. This letter serves as that notification.)
Thank you to those who have allowed their names to go forward as nominees for synod council, consultation committee, committee on discipline, and voting members to the 2022 Churchwide Assembly!
  • Learn about the various roles and see the list of those who have been nominated HERE.
  • Synod Assembly Voting Members are able to make floor nominations until April 15 at noon HERE.
No resolutions were submitted by the March 31st deadline.
"Resolutions received after this date shall be considered by the Synod Assembly unless the Synod Council or the Reference and Counsel Committee determines that it is either of overriding importance or germane to the issues of the Synod Assembly agenda." Late/resolutions from the floor are to be submitted using this format.
Ministry Partners
While we will not be having a display area - we are looking forwatd to the ways our ministry partners will be participating in the assembly:
  • reports - look for these to be posted here in late April
  • videos
  • lunchtime breakout rooms
  • fun door prizes
Ministry Partners & Synod Committees, find a copy of the letter that was sent to you HERE.
Welcome our Churchwide Representative the Rev. Christopher Otten!
  • We look forward to hearing the report from our churchwide partners
  • Read Rev. Otten's bio HERE