Check out the first Living Forward Conversation: Practiciting Innovation

These conversations intend to celebrate, encourage, and amplify the voice and perspective of lay leaders for the sake of God’s world.     

The panelists engage the following questions:    

  • How you are practicing innovation and what you are learning?  
  • What assumptions do you think are being challenged with these new forms of engagement? 
  • What do you see as implications for local churches, and lay leaders?   

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Guest Panelists:  

Joey Ager, from Tacoma, serves as the lead community organizer at the Church Council of Greater Seattle. Currently, the council is undergoing an organizational shift intentionally adapting from a top-down patriarchal model of governance to a distributed multi-cultural, multi-center approach that takes seriously the challenges posed by institutions formed in white supremacy.     

Dr. Kendra Rosencrans, a resident of Kirkland, WA, has a background in how the power of narratives, amid complexity, offer a catalyst for organizational change. Kendra is currently working on two pilot projects with the ELCA – one looking at the experiences of pastors who are women, and one looking at small congregations – using the SenseMaker® story-based research method and facilitated sense-making process.   

Rev. Erik Samuelson, pastor at Freeborn Lutheran Church, brings experience and passion in the areas of vocational discernment and formation in theological education through his work and consulting with The Forum for Theological Education. He is partnering with an exciting new ecumenical initiative called Cyclical, which works with judicatories to form “ecosystems” for planning new churches, and developing leaders.