Pastoral Guidance from Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee:

  • As we continue to re-open church buildings and expand activities, please plan carefully, thoughtfully, and faithfully. Discover how to be Church Together in this time—as a congregation and in your community. 
  • Find the Bishop's March 4, 2022 letter re: Mask Mandate Lifting HERE
  • Find the Bishop's January 4, 2022 letter re: Omicron variant HERE
  • Find the Bishop’s June 10, 2021 letter re: Re-opening our Church Buildings HERE
As the state mask mandate is lifted on March 12, consider these protocols:
  • Mask if you are at high risk, around others who are at high risk, with children under five, singing, or in crowded spaces
  • Improve indoor air ventilation and filtration.
  • Make available and encourage hand sanitizer use
  • Get your COVID-19 vaccine and booster shot, if eligible
  • Stay home (isolate/quarantine) if feeling sick and get tested if you have symptoms or an exposure to COVID-19
  • Continue to serve Holy Communion in a safe way
  • Establish/continue safe food preparation and handling guidelines
  • Consider other safety precautions that are unique to your setting

Additional Resources:

Concerns still not addressed?  Email Pr. Andy Yee, Assistant to the Bishop

Synod COVID Relief Fund