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Call to Allyship: Preparing Your Congregation for Leaders of Color

by Angela T. !Khabeb (Editor) – and contributors (including our own Rev Prisilla Paris Austin) and Jennifer Sung Torgerson, Viviane Thomas-Breitfield, Andrea Walker, Kelly Sherman-Conroy, Patricia Davenport, and Felix Javier Malpica.

How can churches do the work of becoming allies for the leaders they call? In belonging to a predominantly white denomination, ELCA members are called to listen and learn from its leaders of color to recognize the assumptions, biases, and harmful actions that result when congregations don’t commit to become allies. Authors offer wisdom, storytelling, and concrete suggestions for churches preparing to call a leader of color. Call to Allyship is a must-read for call committees, church councils, social justice teams, and anyone prepared to do the work of understanding, welcoming, and celebrating these leaders. 
Preaching the Uncontrolling Love of God   
Mulitple contributers, including Dan Peterson   
Millions of people yearn for a profound relationship with the ever-present God who is loving, inclusive, persuasive, and uncontrolling. This understanding of God makes sense and aligns with the Bible, science, the inclusive love and justice of God, and with our lived experience.  
This book is the first-of-its-kind – drawing together a rich and diverse collection of sermons, essays, and worship elements from the perspective of open, relational, and process theology. It is focused on how to bring these ideas to local congregations.    
This will be an important and valuable resource for preachers, pastors, ministers of worship arts, lay church leaders, professors of preaching, worship, and practical theology, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding and relationship with the ever-present, all-loving God.  
The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com and Rakuten kobo, Bookshop.org, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble.
Noticing: Poems and Pictures from Everyday Life
Dave Ellingson
In our busy lives, we often miss the beauty along our path. We don't "notice" the luminous landscapes and the people around us who bring us joy or who are experiencing loss. These poems are the products of paying attention and slowing down to experience life more deeply.' Here's the link to the book page on his website which will then have links to both Amazon and his Web Store (for autographed copies)  http://www.paddle-pilgrim.com/books.html   
 Paddle Pilgrim: Kayaking the Mississippi Headwaters in a Time of Climate Change.  
Dave Ellingson
This book chronicles a several-week adventure on the “headwaters” of the Mississippi River. Learn what the river teaches about the environment, native peoples, history, geology, economics, and spirituality, and the urgency of a renewed stewardship of the “Father of Waters” and “Mother Earth.” More info at http://www.paddle-pilgrim.com/
Lily Packed a Facemask: Pastoral Letters During a Pandemic 
Larry Thomas
At the end of February 2020, Larry and Ann Thomas left their home in Issaquah, Washington, for a three-week vacation visiting family in Colorado and Texas. News of the coronavirus pandemic was slowly spreading. By the middle of March 2020 the world had changed and the global pandemic was in full swing. The Thomases decided to shelter in place in Flower Mound, Texas, for the next six weeks. On March 17, 2020, when Larry returned to his work as the interim pastor at Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church in Sammamish, Washington, it was from a makeshift office in Texas, not his office in Sammamish. Working remotely, Pastor Thomas began organizing weekly virtual prayer gatherings and Bible studies. In order to connect with the congregation, he started writing pastoral letters as a way of reflecting on the intersection of faith, hope, and love while living through the pandemic. Lily Packed a Facemask is a chronicle of one pastor's commitment to engage with a congregation during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Grounded in biblical texts, Thomas takes the threads of a variety of writers and contemporary resources and weaves a tapestry of living life faithfully in the midst of a year of constant changes and challenges. Available from Wipf and Stock Publishers HERE.
Grizz & His Friends
Dave Ellingson
Grizz is a big, old bear with lots of friends like Sally the Sparrow, Timothy Turtle, Pedro the Porcupine and Sylvia the Salmon. Living in a peaceful valley by a beautiful river flowing out of the mountains, through their adventures they learn to work together to solve problems like hunger, loneliness, injury, an avalanche, a drought, and a flood. Become one of Grizz’s friends on his exciting adventures - http://www.paddle-pilgrim.com/books.html
The World Is about to Turn: Mending a Nation’s Broken Faith
Richard Rouse & Paul Ingram
A top pick for activists, faith leaders, teachers, and all people of faith who care about healing a broken nation. How does God intend for us to live well together in the common life?  In this time of deep division and polarization, The World Is about to Turn offers a biblical and inter-religious approach to how people of different perspectives and faith traditions can find common ground for a life of mutual respect and care for each other.  Drawing from scripture and writings from a variety of other faith traditions and contemporary theologians, The World is about to Turn offers a practical guide for dialogue and mutual understanding for leaders of a variety of religious communities (schools, congregations, synagogues, mosques, etc.) in the hope of  making a positive difference in our corporate life together.  A final chapter, “Building Bridges of Hope: 10 Ways Forward,” as well as discussion questions at the end of each chapter and an appendix with liturgical worship resources, make this hopeful book perfect for small group study, class usage, and pastoral leadership. www.theworldisabouttoturn.com/
Pastor Dan Erlander's marvelous collection of books is available on his website and through Augsburg Frotress. (http://www.danielerlander.com/ )
Recently Michael Anderson has published this book through Wipf and Stock Publishers. Each of the chapters compares two biblical authors who seem to contradict each other but instead of trying to reconcile the differences, the book celebrates the tension. Get a $15.00 copy mailed to you with a request to the following email: pastormike@hslckirkland.org.
Sincerely, Luther: Narrative Letters of the Great Reformer
Author Pastor Neal Snider (retired) assumes the voice of Luther as he pens fictional letters from the reformer to you. Having spent fifty years studying Martin Luther and his times, Snider imagines what Luther might have said if he were able to look back five hundred years at his own life and works.  A unique blend of theology, biography, and published writings, these letters give accessible insight into the life of one of the most influential people in history. Find it here: www.cph.org/p-32678-sincerely-luther-narrative-letters-of-the-great-reformer.aspx
John Grebe, CYF Director at Mt Si Lutheran Church, has co-authored a children's book called Thorn.  It is a bird's-eye view of Jesus's last week on Earth - from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, to the death and resurrection of Christ. Thorn adds her songs to the shouts of praise of the crowd gathered on the street as Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, and she sings songs of comfort to Jesus as he dies on the cross. During the week, Thorn has several unique encounters with Jesus and is protected in a surprising way when threatened by a sand cat. Throughout the week, Thorn experiences personal transformation and learns to appreciate a special blessing that is passed on to her babies. Order it here.
Say What: A Fresh Look at Old Sayings
This new book from local synod author, Pastor Dave Ellingson, takes a fresh look at familiar expressions, old sayings, ancient adages and popular phrases. Whether hearing them for the first time or once again, you can decide if they contain a measure of wisdom and direction for your daily life. Read more here. Purchase on Amazon.com.
Martin Luther as Youth Worker
Todd Hobart, Safe Families Supervisor at Olive Crest Western Washington. (Previously at St. Matthew's, Renton) Insights from the Great Reformer for Modern youth and Children's Ministry. Find it www.wipfandstock.com

Paddle Pilgrim: Kayaking the Erie Canal and Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty
The Rev. Dave Ellingson would be delighted to come and do a presentation of stories and pictures and book signing at your church, club, bookstore, camp or organization. Contact Dave here.

Kierkegaard in the Pulpit: Sermons Inspired by His Writings
(Yakima, Washington: Cave Moon Press)
This is Pr. Marshall's (First of West Seattle) second book on Kierkegaard. Copies are available on Amazon. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank and the West Seattle Helpline. Cost $35.00. (xiv-liii, 428 pages). His first book was the highly acclaimed, Kierkegaard for the Church: Essays & Sermons (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2013), which is also available through Amazon.
Flirting With the Mystery: Stories of Faith, Life and Cancer
By Larry Morris, Author & Pastor (Holy Spirit, Kirkland)
Available on Amazon or directly from Larry - PLarryMorris@gmail.com
"Flirting With the Mystery" is full of prose, poetry and stories that inspire you to see God in the simple and ordinary places.  Larry's writings have been compared to those of Gerhard Frost and Herb Brokering.  Topics include prayer, parables, dreams, worship, change, Psalms, relationships and much more. Some of Morris's writings come out of his wife diagnosis of Ovarian cancer and the pain and disorientation that that brought to their life.  Through it all the God of hope is seen over an over in plain and surprising ways.
"Flirting With the Mystery" is available at a discounted rate to be sold as a fundraiser for your church group. 
Biblical Wisdom for a Digital Age 
by the Rev. Dr. David Ellingson
Available on Amazon. Or Contact Dave here.
I have selected 50 Biblical "sound bytes" (passages) with key Christian themes, written short reflections, and developed learning "activities" for families, teens, and adults. Useful for personal/family devotions, classes, small groups and retreats.  Ellingson is Professor of Children, Youth & Family Studies and Director of the Children, Youth & Family Center at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, WA.  He teaches courses in Youth Ministry, Human Development,  Spirituality, Environmental Ethics, and Faith Formation.  A Master Gardener and Endurance Athlete, he is the author of Paddle Pilgrim: An Adventure of Spirit and Learning Kayaking the Mississippi River.  Married and the father of five grown children, he lives in Edmonds, WA.  Ellingson is available for media inquiries, speaking engagements, and book signings.  
The Mystery of Eve and Adam: A Prophetic Critique of the Monarchy
By Ron Moe-Lobeda
Available from me or from the Wipf & Stock Publisher website:  https://wipfandstock.com/store/The_Mystery_of_Eve_and_Adam_A_Prophetic_Critique_of_the_Monarchy/
This book takes readers on a journey of inquiry leading to the conclusion that the story of Eve and Adam was authored by the theological school of Jeremiah in order to dissuade the Judean people never to reinstate the monarchy after their return from Babylon—a monarchy that previously was responsible for so much infant mortality, subjugation of women, and enslavement of its own people. At the heart of this journey is the discovery that Eve and Adam actually are metaphors for Israel and Judah—two nations that chose to have a king like other nations and suffered the consequences.
Paddle Pilgrim
Dave Ellingson
Recounts 2,300-mile kayak journey down the Mississippi River. The book, expanded from Ellingson's real-time PaddlePilgrim blog, chronicles his "adventure of a lifetime" and recounts experiences from basking in a sublime sunset in Minnesota to dancing with a snake on an Arkansas sandbar. In addition to painting a kaleidoscope of vivid word pictures of river scenery, Ellingson writes movingly about the "interior landscapes" of solitude, silence, prayer, and communion with creation. "What began as an adventure led to learning and ultimately to spiritual pilgrimage!" he says. Ellingson teaches courses in spirituality, environmental ethics, human development, and youth ministry at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Wash. He is a Lutheran pastor, Master Gardner, former distance runner, and father of five grown children.  He resides in Edmonds, Wash.  Paddle Pilgrim is available through local bookstores, Amazon, and in digital format.  Blog: www.paddlepilgrim.blogspot.com    Facebook: www.fb.me/paddlepilgrim
Faith Shaping Ministry
Paul E. Hoffman Foreword by Christian Scharen
ISBN 13: 978-1-62032-582-7 - Contact your favorite bookseller or order directly from the publisher via phone (541) 344-1528, fax (541) 344-1506 or e-mail us at orders@wipfandstock.com
What happens after a congregation welcomes new Christians into its ministry? Building on the work of the first volume in this series, Faith Forming Faith, Paul Hoffman interprets how a congregation that intentionally practices baptism and its renewal is itself re-formed. Pastors, teachers, lay leaders, students of ministry, and people in the pew—all will find the compelling story of the ministry of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington—one of our nation's most secular cities—to be an inspiring and practical primer for renewal. Who would have thought? Bringing others to the waters of baptism transforms those already at home in the congregation. In fact, this intentional spiritual practice completely transforms the parish and the lives of God's people. There are new discoveries to be made in the ancient treasures of the church as these gifts are shared with those hungering and thirsting for a place at God's table.
Faith Shaping Faith: Bringing New Christians to Baptism and Beyond
Paul E. Hoffman Foreword by Diana Butler Bass
ISBN 13: 978-1-61097-527-8 - Contact your favorite bookseller or order directly from the publisher via phone (541) 344-1528, fax (541) 344-1506 or e-mail us at orders@wipfandstock.com
Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle discovered that by forming the faith of new Christians and leading them to the waters of baptism, they as a parish were renewed and revitalized for mission in the world. Faith Forming Faith describes the year-long process of faith mentoring that has become the center of this congregation's ministry. Hoffman's easy narrative style weaves together solid pastoral and theological insights with the practical, real-life stories of lives transformed by a vibrant new faith—the lives of newcomers and long-time members alike. This is a great primer for anyone wanting more than a pastor's class, more than another curriculum. It is a book for pastors, parish leaders, or seminarians. But it's also a great witness to a skeptical, questioning world outside the Church as well, showing that a life of faith can be lived in a secular, questioning culture.
Hunger Immortal: First Thirty Years of the West Seattle Food Bank, 1983-2013
The Rev. Ronald F. Marshall, First Lutheran Church of West Seattle
Hunger Immortal: The First Thirty Years of the West Seattle Food Bank, 1983-2013, is a fundraiser for the 30th anniversary of the West Seattle Food Bank.  
Kierkegaard for the Church: Essays and Sermons
The Rev. Ronald F. Marshall
This new book contains a foreward by Carl E. Braaten. Robert L. Perkins, editor of the 24 volume International Kierkegaard  Commentary (1984-2010), and writer of the epilogue to this book, hails Marshall's book as a "high water mark in Kierkegaard research."
Among Us: Stories of Worship and Faith
by The Rev. Larry P. Morris
Available through book stores and Amazon.
Among Us holds stories and prayers that will surprise and inspire you.  You will laugh out loud and cry. You will say 'Yes!" and you will think about the mysteries that are too great to ever fully understand.  It will take you to familiar old places and help you see them in new ways.  Among Us will have you looking more often for the God who is among us, in the simplest places.
Grace Days
by The Rev. Doug Langholz
Self-Published: 2013.  To purchase a book, please send a check for $10 (or a donation of any amount) made out to the Evergreen Chapter of the A.L.S. Association, and mail it to the Rev. Joel Langholz, 1801 Mckenzie Ave. Bellingham, Wa. 98225.Joel will forward the checks to the Evergreen Chapter. 
Grace Days is a compilation of my dad's church newsletter articles following his diagnosis of A.L.S. up to his transition to disability.  It tells the story of a Pastor, family and congregation wrestling with how to find hope in the midst of a three-year dance with a terminal illness. It is a sober but hope filled collection of articles which provide insight into the power of the Gospel to sustain individuals and communities who are in the midst of suffering. Rev. Doug Langholz (deceased Oct. 24, 2002) was a Pastor at Magnolia Lutheran Church in Seattle and was supported by many current clergy members of the synod.
The Graceful Exit: A Pastor's Journey from Good-bye to Hello
By The Rev. Mary Lindberg
Available from Alban and Amazon (also available for Kindle, Nook and ibooks.) 
Saying goodbye to a congregation -- and a ministry -- can be timely and sweet, and sometimes it can be jarring and painful. It is almost always complicated and freighted with the outward grief of leaving people behind as well as the inward grief of leaving an identity behind. Lindberg invites readers to pull apart the strands of self and role, individual and community; confront regrets, confusion, and dislocation; and figure out where and who God is at this juncture in their lives. With compassion and not a little wit, Lindberg reflects on a wide range of issues, from the practical (How to break the news to the congregation?) to the deeper spiritual themes of fulfillment, surrender, community, legacy, and separation that every departing pastor will face. Questions for reflection are included at key points in the text. The Graceful Exit is meant for: pastors who are thinking about leaving the ministry and need help to discern their final decision -- one way or the other; pastors who already have made their decision and want to make the most graceful exit they can; or the friend or colleague you see struggling with this issue.
Belonging: Thirty-One Days To Ponder Christian Community
by the Rev. Stan Jacobson. Self-Published Cost $5. Available through Stan Jacobson at pastorjacobson@comcast.net
Belonging: Thirty-one Days to Ponder Christian Community is a devotional focused on the meaning and experience of community.