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Culture Course “Interrogating Privilege in Church and Our Lives” (8 weeks-Winter/Spring)

  • Jan. 19-Mar. 10 (No class Feb. 16)
  • Wednesdays 6:30-8pm (During Lent, meet on Thursdays)
  • Learning Platform: zoom
  • Course Facilitators: Rev. Priscilla Paris Austin, Rev. Dr. David Hahn
  • Estimated weekly homework: 1-2 hours 

The LiVE Project presents this 8-week course designed specifically for lay leaders to open up transparent, and honest conversation around the ways privilege shapes and impacts our lives and communities of faith. If you’ve read some anti-racist books, and are looking for next steps as an individual, family or congregation, this course offers additional ways to move forward. The learning format includes active, thoughtful engagement from all participants, and we ask that participants come with a spirit of mutual openness to sharing, and receiving.  

Who will benefit from this opportunity?   

  • those looking for addtional conversational partners around the synod who have interest and experience engaging similar conversations
  • those open to exploring courageously their own privilege
  • those working to imagine and implement anti-racism, diversity, inclusion and equityteams within your congregation
  • rostered leaders welcome to attend with lay leaders 

Session Topics Include:  

  • The God of our privilege: Where is God among our privilege? 
  • Privilege from a Lutheran perspective: What does Lutheran theology have to say?  
  • Naming our privilege: How can we identify our personal and corporate experiences? 
  • Broadening the conversation: What do other marginalized voices have to say? 
  • Collaboration as strategy: How can we reconfigure power? 
  • Exploring the congregational dynamics of becoming an anti-racist community
  • Living forward: What is our work moving forward?   

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