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We are delighted to announce that Jay Edgerton has accepted the position of Synod Director of Properties.

Jay is a consultant who, on an as-needed basis, will act as the Synod’s Director of Properties. The Director of Properties will be a member of the new Synod Property Team and will carry out its decisions. Some closed churches have given their facilities to the Synod. The Synod Property Team’s responsibilities will be to protect and manage the real estate assets owned by the Synod, define objectives for the Synod’s real estate consistent with the Synod’s mission, and accordingly accept, retain or dispose of properties. Jay will also work with congregations to develop real estate best practices. 

Jay has forty years of commercial real estate finance, transaction, and property management experience in small and large firms. Since mid-2020 Jay has represented the Synod’s interest in the redevelopment of the Church of Hope site in Columbia City, Seattle (now known as “Four Amigos – Beloved Community”). 

Jay lives in Renton with his wife, Kay. They have two grown children and a little cat. Jay and Kay are blessed to spend time every week with extended family and old friends. He enjoys obscure movies. Jay enjoys outdoor fitness activities and is the captain of a running relay team. Lately he has augmented his bicycle mechanics hobby with the humbling business of building bicycle wheels.

Welcome, Jay, to this role - and may God bless this new ministry partnership!

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