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Multicultural Youth Justice (MYJ22)
July 21-23 at St. Matthew's in Renton
MYJ22 is a national virtual faith-forming experience July 21 – 23 where our NWWA synod youth will be together in-person at St. Matthew’s in Renton. Each day is filled with different activities and learning opportunities and we’ll end each day with a live virtual celebration with music, speakers, and worship.
This experience is crucial for BIPOC youth and their European Descent allies because of the ways in which they have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and because we so often hear them speak about how they feel disconnected from the wider church. For young people, especially BIPOC young people, it often feels as though the ELCA is the church of “old white folks.” It is crucial that we provide a space now, where they can feel at home in our faith traditions and know that they are seen, heard, wanted, and loved. While MYJ22 is only one piece of what we hope will be an ongoing effort to make connections between BIPOC youth and their allies, as well as the elders who have gone before them, and the wider church, we believe that it is a crucial piece that will enable us to do the desperately needed relationship-building required in order to nurture those long-lasting connections.
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Groups can stay overnight onsite or travel to the event each day.
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